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Gotcha! July 17, 2009

Filed under: Who Knows? — mariewillms @ 4:57 pm


So here is my husband’s idea of “helping with the laundry.”  I turn my back for one minute, and he is curled up under a warm towel snoring away!  Okay, Okay…I should cut him some well-deserved slack.  After all, he has been up since 6 this morning reviewing for his Managerial Accounting test.  And he just walked in the door from his grueling exam when we discussed divvying up the chores.  Poor Matty….


2 Responses to “Gotcha!”

  1. Matt Says:

    ….. That’s my stunt double

  2. MOM Says:

    next time don’t give him warm, inviting towels to fold, give him the bathrooms.

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