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Longest Week in the History of the World! January 30, 2010

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Warning:  This is purely a venting post.  If you are not in the mood to listen to me whine, stop reading now.

Here is an outline of the last week:

Monday:  Work until 3.  Homework in the Union until 5.  Class until 6:30.  Grocery shopping sometime between 7 and 8.  Reading a rediculously long article for class while on the bike at the gym 9-10:30.

Tuesday:  Work until 3.  Tutoring until 4.  Student/Teacher basketball game until 7.  Reading another ridiculously long article while resting my sore muscle in bed until 11:30.

Wednesday:  Work until 3.  Homework in the Union until 5.  Class until 6:30. Gym and reading more stupid articles sometime between 8-9:30

Thursday:  Work until 3.  Tutoring until 4.  Homework in the Union until 6.  Class until 9.  Strangely wired from the long day, and wide-awake until 1 A.M. or so.

Friday:  Work until 3.  Reading my last stupid article until 4:30.  Class until 6.  A romantic fast-food dinner in the Union with Matt.

The relaxing commenced as soon as I hit the door way.  Watched a movie, blogged, and got a jump start on tomorrow’s laundry pile.

Tomorrow, I will blog about Matt and his wonderfulness.

Until next time:  ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………


Basketball Debut January 27, 2010

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Tonight was the Mom/Daughter basketball game.  But I got roped into playing because, of course, all the moms backed out at the last minute.  I was so nervous.  Here are some highlights:

1.  I discovered quickly, and without much surprise, that I am physically incapable of walking and dribbling simultaneously.

2.  I was so distracted by the student section yelling “Mrs. Williams is OPEN!  Mrs. Williams is OPEN!” that I caught a basketball to my gut.

3.  I defiantly stood in my slot on the key before I realized that no one is allowed to stand there when the other team is shooting a technical.

4.  I had to be told by one of my ninth graders that I was “in her space” at the free-throw line.  She was nice enough to gently guide me to the correct spot.

And now me and my jelly-legs are about to wobble upstairs and take a long soak in a hot bath….but before I go, I will leave you with the quote of the night:

Me:  Matt, I was so nervous!  I feel like my students have a certain image of me in their heads, and I was worried that I would look rediculous, and I felt like I had so many expectations of me…..

Matt:  Marie, I think it’s safe to say you fulfilled everyone’s expectations of you….


MY HUSBAND IS ANNOYING (too)! January 23, 2010

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Matt’s FAMOUS!

If you don’t read this blog, you need to book mark it now.  The writer is a newlywed from New York, who is married to the stereotypical man.  Matt and I both read her blog and just LAUGH out loud at her husband’s antics.  Every Friday she takes emails from readers.  Check it out…


Email Snafu January 20, 2010

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I have been getting the most bizarre personal emails lately.  It’s not just junk mail–Gmail is very good about filtering spam.  Apparently, I am –or at least my email address is– very involved in a church group in Pennsylvania; I am a Pro-Life youth leader; I am currently leading my second Walk for Life; and now people in Olympia (?) want me to help organize their fundraisers.  And apparently someone named Nichole Lemmon had her email account hacked, and now I am receiving bogus emails  from her requesting money for cab fare in New Zealand.  And then there is the insurance salesman who is trying to get in touch with another mariewillms and schedule an appointment to assess a new health insurance policy… I never intended to be this popular.


Birmingham! January 19, 2010

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Matt and I just got back from a wonderful and relaxing weekend.  I took off work on Friday so that we could drive over to Birmingham.  Matt had an interview at 3:30 with the people he will be interning for this summer.  It is an unpaid internship, but he will get some GREAT experience there.  My biggest prayer was that he would find a place that he actually enjoyed with coworkers who are easy to get along with.  I want him find a good “fit”–if that makes any sense.  My prayers have been answered:  The interview went great, the people are his age, and they have so many random things in common.  I think this summer will be a huge adventure for him.  Now, we just need to start praying for a (practically free) place for Matt to live in Birmingham for 3 months.


And then we celebrated by having dinner in heaven.  And by heaven, I mean The Cheesecake Factory.  If you have never eaten here, you might be under the impression that the establishment only serves cheesecake.  This was my assumption.  However, I was wrong….sooooo wrong.  The Cheesecake Factory has the most overwhelming menu I have ever seen.  I finally just stopped on page 13 and chose something from the pasta menu.  I don’t even remember what it was, but it was DIVINE!  And of course, we couldn’t eat at a place called The Cheesecake Factory without getting dessert.  Again, the desert menu was overwhelming.  Something like 30 cheesecakes to choose from.  I finally decided on a red velvet cheesecake: two layers of red velvet cake, two layers of cheesecake, and cream cheese frosting.

Waiting for a table: 50 minutes
Items on the menu:  200+
Cheesecakes to choose from:  32
Diabetic coma: Priceless

On Saturday, we planned to pretend to buy houses and look at buying new cars, but the rain got the best of us.  Instead, we just explored the city with our new GPS.   Of course, this gave us a perfect reason to visit my old friend, Target.  Can’t drive through a big city without making a stop!

And speaking about the GPS:  This has always been one of those gadgets I never thought I would want or need.  I mean, could you imagine me trying to battle technology AND drive at the same time.  That has disaster written all over it.  Matt got a Garmin for Christmas, and I could not be more pleased.  We made it through a weekend in a new city with our sanity and marriage still intact.

Sunday we went to the most BORING Catholic church service EVER!  We went to a local church in Birmingham on our way out of town and had a terrible experience for several reason:  (1) the priest had a german/scottish accent AND a lisp  (2) the old man next to Matt couldn’t stop pooting  (3)  nobody in the congregation sang  (4) there was approximately 2 inches of leg space in the pews.

Today was MLK day, and even though I had the day off, I have been working on homework and laundry.  But at least tomorrow is Tuesday and the beginning of a 4-day work week!


Bloggy Bits: January 14, 2010

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Just alot of random stuff I need to share with the world:

1.  My new year’s resolution to read 20 novels this year is off to a good start.  I finished The Help by Kathryn Stockett a few weeks ago, and it was faaaaaaaaabulous!  First of all, it is set in Jackson (Belhaven, specifically) during the 1960’s.  Half of the book is told from the point of view of a black maid, working for a white family; the other half of the book is told from the point of view of a white girl trying to change the world.  It is a MUST for your reading list!

2.  I am taking an English Syntax course at MSU this semester.  It is so boring, but I do have a Korean guy in my class named Optimus Prime (apparently it is acceptable for Korean students to take on American  robot names).

3.  This time last week,  we were bearing down for a blizzard.  Instead we got a “snow day,” which had very little to do with snow and more to do with just coldness. We did get the day off from school and I spent the majority of my time napping and reading.

4.  I am in love with my Kindle.  Matt got it for me for Christmas, it is my new best friend.  I carry it with me in my purse and read whenever i have the chance.  This is nerdy, I know.

5.  I HATE the cold.  I HATE the cold.I HATE the cold.  I HATE the cold.I HATE the cold.  I HATE the cold.I HATE the cold.  I HATE the cold.I HATE the cold.  I HATE the cold.I HATE the cold.  I HATE the cold.I HATE the cold.  I HATE the cold.I HATE the cold.  I HATE the cold.I HATE the cold.  I HATE the cold.I HATE the cold.  I HATE the cold.I HATE the cold.  I HATE the cold.I HATE the cold.  I HATE the cold.I HATE the cold.  I HATE the cold.I HATE the cold.  I HATE the cold.I HATE the cold.  I HATE the cold.I HATE the cold.  I HATE the cold….   My skin is dry, my lips are chapped, and I am ready for the spring.


New Year's Resolutions January 5, 2010

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#1.  CLEARLY, I need to blog more.  I am aiming for once a week.

#2.  CLEAN out all the “junk” in my life and in my closets.  I watched a couple episodes of Hoarders on TLC, and now I am throwing things away (or recycling) left and right!

#3.  READ 20 books this year.  It doesn’t sound like a lot, but at my rate it is a miracle.  Right now I am reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett and it is crazy good!  You won’t be able to put it down.

#4.  LOOSE 10 pounds.  (*sigh*).  Who am I kidding?  This has been a perpetual resolution for the majority of my life.  I list it here merely as a formality….

#5.  REMEMBER birthdays.  Even if I have to send you a card three months before (or after) your actual date of birth…