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Comment If You're Reading This… March 3, 2010

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I do hope my fans have not forsaken me, as I have clearly forsaken them….

I thought I would just ramble on tonight about the top five best and worst things of 2010 so far…

Top Five Best Things of 2010 (Oh, how I love a nice numerical list!)

1.  Mabeline bare minerals bush:  Swirly-swirl, tap, tap, tap, and BAM!  My cheeks are gorgeous.  I think I am addicted to it, in that I sometimes like to reapply when I get home from school, or randomly during the commercial breaks of the late show.  Weird?

2.  Kindle:  Worth every penny.  I take it with me everywhere I go–it’s my little pocket size vacation.  Because of its convienence, I get to sneak in about 10 mins at work (here-and-there), an hour at the gym, and another hour before bed.  Again, can you spell addicted?

3.  Water:  I am now in the habit of drinking a full 64 ounces of water a day.  That is three and a half water bottles.  The key is strategy:  I aim to drink one bottle by my break at 10:45; one bottle by lunchtime; and one bottle by the end of the school day.  And then I usually guzzle another bottle at the gym.  Yay, hydration!

4.  The Stairmater:  While I have just recently battled this beast, I feel like we have been frienemies for years!  I feel the burn in my sleep!

5.  Knee socks:  recently I have discovered that I hate the cold weather.  It is so inconvenient, and my classroom is always terribly, terribly cold (maybe it has something to do with that fact that there is a gaping hole in my ceiling where the rain leaks in and the air vent had long since fallen out of the ceiling leaving (another) gaping hole, and there is a good two-inch gap between the door and the floor where the draft comes in…).  It is AMAZING how warm knee socks will keep you.  I have one pair for each day of the week, and I never leave home without them.

Top Five Worst Things of 2010 (Basically everything that is ruining my life!)

1.  The Cold:  As I have said before–I just can’t take it anymore.  It makes my skin dry and itchy, it makes my muscles tense up in my shoulders, and bulky coats are just a burden.

2.  Homework:  I have two ridiculously long homework assignment to turn in each week.  It’s really bumming me out.  Because of homework, I have missed basketball games, LOST, weekends at home, and time at the gym (my one, much-needed outlet).  Not to mention the fact that I haven’t cooked a good meal in a couple months.

3.  Donuts:  Get behind me Satan!  Matt and I have gotten into a wonderfully bad habit of going to Shipley’s Donuts for breakfast on Saturday or Sunday mornings.  This is going to be the end of me yet…

4.  Water:  Now, I do realize that water was also on my Top 5 Best list, but it is also a bane.  Who likes having to pee every 45 minutes?  Not me.  It is tiresome…..

5.  Neighbors:  Please, stopping inviting your rowdy friends to come over on school nights and park in my parking spot.  I do not like parking three doors down and then walking in the cold to my own home.  Nor do I like stepping outside in the morning, forgetting where I parked, and thinking my car has been stolen…